{Guest Post} Exercise in Context Dr. Mommy Health Tips

{Guest Post} Exercise in Context  Dr. Mommy Health Tips

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Ive never liked the gym. It is filled the strange machines and monotonous activities one involves herself in to stay in shape. For example, the treadmill is a road to nowhere and made me feel like I was on some sort of human hamster wheel.

I wondered if maybe there was something wrong with me. I live in New York City which is riddled with gym goers. So I questioned what it was that I hated so much about the gym. It boils down to this: going to the gym is boring. I know the end goals of fitness activities at the gym are supposed to lead to weight loss, physical fitness and overall good health, but I find the gym incredibly banal.

However, I wanted to a way to stay in shape. Then I thought: what if there was a way to integrate exercise into the context of my life without joining a gym? And low and behold, there was. Here’s what I did. Involved in my life routine were stroller walks with my son. So I would intentionally take longer stroller walks. I am working at a school that is four miles from my house, instead of taking the subway to work, I walk there and back.

The point is, you can find ways to integrate exercise into the context of your life too. You don’t have to join a gym to stay in shape. Walk more and take your child out with you on these long walks. If you have a choice to take public transportation or walk choose walking.

Sarah Fader is a Mom Blogger. Her blog www.oldschoolnewschoolmom.com started in April 2009 when her son was 11 months old. She has reviewed products and services from various companies including Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers, Adiri bottles, Naot shoes and many more. She also records anecdotes from her daily life on her blog and has connected with moms throughout the continental United States and Canada through her blog. Sarah currently runs blog workshops for elementary school children in New York City. In addition to blogging, she also provides freelance transcription services for major television networks.

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